While we had been waiting for these several months, Tokyo Metropolitan Government approved officially on December 18, 2007 the Japan TRIZ Society as a non-profit organization, and hence we registered the establishment of our Society at the legal registration office on December 27, 2007.@Thus our organization, The Japan TRIZ Society - Non-Profit Organization, has been established officially.

Looking back the history, TRIZ, which was originally developed and established in the former USSR since several decades ago, was introduced into Japan in 1996 with much interest. Since that time, a number of industries, organizations, universities, and individuals started and continued to learn the concepts of TRIZ and to study and utilize the application of TRIZ in practice. Introduction of TRIZ tools, publication of TRIZ books, and dissemination of TRIZ application examples, etc. have promoted the understanding and usage of TRIZ and thus TRIZ has been proved step by step to be useful through the application in actual fields.

Under these situations, we started in May 2004 a voluntary meeting 'TRIZ Konwa-kai' for discussing and communicating on TRIZ across boundaries of organizations. In January 2005, we reorganized it into the 'Collaborative Board of TRIZ Promoters and Users in Japan' (or briefly 'Japan TRIZ CB'). It has annually held the 'TRIZ Symposium in Japan' as an open conference for presenting and discussing on research, application, and promotion of TRIZ and related methods. The Symposium was held three times already, i.e. in 2005, 2006, and 2007, and obtained over 200 participants in 2007 including about 10 from overseas.

Even though Japan TRIZ CB has conducted its activities regularly and successfully every year, it is still at the stage of activities by less than 20 voluntary members. For the purpose of enhancing the TRIZ activities in Japan so as to contribute to our country in its empowerment of technology development and global competency, we have found it necessary to make our activities more widely open in the national level and to provide continually with the places and opportunities for communicating, discussing and working together among those people who are interested in TRIZ. Hence in March 2007 we set up The Japan TRIZ Society as a public organization succeeding 'Japan TRIZ CB', and submitted to Tokyo Metropolitan Government for the official approval of the Society as a 'non-profit organization' according to the Japanese law. Meanwhile we obtained over 100 Society Members by the end of September 2007. And obtaining the official approval in December 2007, the Japan TRIZ Society - Non-Profit Organization has officially started as mentioned above.

The Japan TRIZ Society, as a Non-Profit Organization, is a new organization based on all the Society Members. Japan TRIZ Society is planning to continue to hold the TRIZ Symposium in Japan annually and to promote various activities of research, utilization, penetration, communication, etc. related to TRIZ on a regular basis as the organizational activities. In order to carry out such activities systematically and effectively, we are now building up our organizational structure.

We have already set up the Official Web Site of Japan TRIZ Society for facilitating the information delivery to and communication among the Society Members. We are going to extend this Web site also for widely delivering useful information of TRIZ to every people in Japan and for internationally showing TRIZ activities in Japan. We wish your active use of this Web site.

We, all the members who have been working for setting up the Japan TRIZ Society - Non-Profit Organization, are going to do our best for making the Year 2008 as the start of a new stage of TRIZ evolution in Japan. We wish all the Society Members for their active participation and contribution to the Society's activities. We also heartily welcome all the people in Japan who are interested in TRIZ to join us in the Japan TRIZ Society.

Toshihiro Hayashi
Chairperson of Board
Japan TRIZ Society - Non-Profit Organization
January 26, 2008